Thursday, December 9, 2010

Goodbye Fakebook!

I thought I'd post on how I just left Facebook after using it for about 4 years. At first it was pretty cool and a good way to keep track of people, know of parties, and meet others, especially for the single guy. But after a while it started to consume alot of my time, and I always too busy anyways. Besides, I was wondering why I had to hear it was snowing outside by someone else before I even looked. Plus the tons of other useless status updates on there. And on top of that, it always had a "fake" feel to it, out of the 260 freinds on there I only kept up with a few in real life. So I asked myself, what was the point? Why do I need to slave myself to reading pointless status updates, making my own, and all the other crap on there.

So the time-sink is gone, last night I deleted my Facebook. I am enjoying my extra half hour/hour a day of extra time, and my life has become that much more simple. :)

The Silas page is still up as I made a dummy profile. Other than that, everyone can contact me on here, or the forums, or email.

To anyone else considering the same thing, here is a site with tons of people who left it too, their reasons summarize my experience:

And now a picture in the spirit of Freedom!

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