Thursday, November 18, 2010

Silas needs your vote!

Alot of work has been put into Silas over the years. And I hope that you can vote to help ensure a greater future for it!

I could really really use the help of getting into the Top50 in terms of a calling card for digital distribution. As I hope that many players can enjoy Silas, I would like to eventually get on some distribution services. In order to do that, I need your help and support. Silas is a great game with tons of cool content and weapons. And your one vote will really help!

Here is some simple steps to vote for Silas:

1. Register for an ModDB/IndieDB account

2. Sign in your profile

3. Click the "Vote For This Indie" button near the top of our profile, you can find the link below:

Indie of the Year Awards

Please don't vote without an account or without signing in - Guest votes aren't as valuable in the competition.

Thanks so much for your time and support. :)

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